Everything U Are

‘Everything U Are’ is Emmanuel’s third solo album.
A soulful project which not only highlights his skill as a versatile pianist & keyboardist, but also shows off his creativity as an arranger, composer, and producer.
Everything U Are is a soulful mix of instrumental & vocal tracks featuring vocalists Jnr Robinson (So Much U), Tula Lynch (Everything U Are), Ruth Waldron (New Dawn) and Nathan Prime (Hear Me When I Say {I Love U}).
André Brown (sax) features on ‘I Surrender All’ and Michael Brown (guitar) features on ‘New Dawn’.
The other musicians are Andrew Small (drums, programming & production), Marcus Johnson (drum programming and production), Sam Lynch (bass and production), Courtney Daniel (drums), Daniel Storey (guitars), Robert Anderson (percussion).

  • 01

    The Beginning

  • 02

    I Surrender All

  • 03

    So Much U

  • 04


  • 05

    Everything U Are

  • 06

    New Dawn

  • 07


  • 08

    Hear Me When I Say (I Love U)

  • 09

    When It's All Said & Done

  • 10

    Everything U Are (Radio Edit)